We are in video production because it makes a difference. It challenges the status quo. It connects businesses with new clients. It inspires new innovations. It teaches new skills. It’s fun. But most importantly, we do it because we love this stuff.

As video production company, we put our hearts and souls on the screen, and we couldn’t do that unless media was everything we knew, was in our blood, was the air we breathed. What makes video production so exciting to Sprocket Media Works is that it allows each of us to be more connected to those around us. Every single day we get to meet someone new, learn something interesting, create something beautiful.

We love it because we love working with our clients. They feel our excitement and share our passion. They come to Sprocket Media Works because they are looking for a video production partner, someone not only with top-notch talent, but who understands their needs, and truly enjoys what they do. Someone who just gets it.