We are the next generation video production company.

Post-digital marketplace opportunities, exponential paradigm shift, relentless chaos—however you see it, it’s clear that the face of our industry is changing. Video production is no longer a dark art mastered over decades, shrouded in mystique and haltingly expensive. Today, anyone with a bit of ambition and imagination can learn how to operate a camera.

You see, the world is moving at light speed with the continued advancement of imaging technology, such as cameras, and cloud-based, time-saving workflows. Video production technology that was unheard-of five years ago is now easy-to-use and available to professionals at amateur costs. Technical education and how-tos are all but free, and everyone with a cell phone can call themselves a video producer.

This throws up some major hurdles for large video production companies, because although they have the experience and the equipment, they’re now competing with folks who previously couldn’t afford all of the fancy toys. The accessibility of new video production technology has leveled the playing field, and that’s changing the game. Today’s videos require not expensive tech but creativity, passion, experience, and new ways to solve problems.

And that’s exactly what Sprocket is. We have worked with the big video production companies, and we believe there is a better way to serve our clients. We want to rise above the idea that video is just a product. Each video has a soul, something intimately tying us to our clients. We wanted to stay focused on that relationship, the unique magic behind making each video, and to do that we needed to re-think our industry. That old large video production company model is the lumbering brontosaurus—impressive, but ultimately slow to change. We are the velociraptor. Smart, agile, and fierce.

We’ve moved beyond working simply as technicians good at running cameras. We bring unique skills, experiences, perspectives, and ideas to the video production process. Buying a new camera doesn’t change anything. Telling our client how we can use video to solve their business problems – that changes everything.

So who are we? We’re the rebels. We’re the next generation. We’re using cloud-based software, taking advantage of technological advances that provide higher quality images. We’re challenging the status-quo, shaking up the system. We’re creating and innovating and providing solutions at a fraction of the cost of our competitors without sacrificing a pixel of quality. We are sleek. Intelligent. Powerful. We are Sprocket Media Works.

Sprocket is a small video production shop out of Richmond, VA and we like it that way. We have all worked at larger companies and learned many lessons over the years. The main lesson we have learned is to stay small and bring in the right folks to do each job. Don’t let our small size fool you, our professional relationships stretch from Maine to Florida, Virginia to California.

PATRICK BEDALL, Owner/Executive Producer/CEO

Patrick firmly believes in the power of media to excite and move an audience. Clients and coworkers describe him as “high-energy”, “creative”, and “customer-oriented”. He has worked with Fortune 500 companies, defense contractors, non-profits, start-ups, advertising agencies, and small businesses nationwide.

RICH BAILEY, Producer/Director/Writer

Rich has spent 8 years in the film, TV and video worlds, and enjoys nothing more than telling stories. He’s not only a producer, but a photographer, editor, writer and adventurer. When not working, you can find him traveling, rock climbing, refining his sand-sculpting skills, or searching for the inspiration for his next novel. He is always on the lookout for another misadventure.


Really awesome talented people are hard to find. At Sprocket we are lucky enough to have a few, extremely talented, good friends we bring in on a project basis. These guys are independent, so feel free to contact them directly if you need their services.

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GREG ROBBINS, Writer/Producer/Director

Greg creates products, advertises brands, and plays lead roles on creative projects. He collaborates with artists to tell stories, connecting clients to their audience. He composes narratives, devises strategies, and invents solutions. From broadcast advertising to game development and everything in between, he brings ideas to life.


TEDDY, VP of Smiles and Cuddles

You may think that Teddy is just a dog, but he keeps us smiling and makes sure we go for a walk at least once a day.